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Coach Greg understands the struggle and the value of wins when it comes to your physical, mental, and nutritional health journey because his journey is still going strong.
As a certified Personal Trainer, Health, Exercise Therapy Specialist, and Nutrition Coach from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), he works with clients of all ages and health levels to strengthen their minds and body to become their best selves!
“Too many people are held back by injury, mental illness, and oftentimes just life in general. Their struggles are real and need to be validated, and then shown the light to how they can safely and effectively move forward with consistent effort towards the best version of themselves they truly desire to be.” ~ Coach Greg

Personal Training

Whether you are recovering from an injury, getting into performance shape, or shredding a few extra pounds, it all starts with how you visualize your health.  

Personal training clients get the attention and education to visualize and drive themselves towards elevated health and performance.  

Move Intentionally – Did you know that exercise prevents signs of aging, enhances your mood, and increases energy? Those are just 3 of the many benefits to get and keep MOVING. 

We’re here to help! 

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Nutrition Coaching

Eat Intentionally – Did you know that added sugars, found in nearly all processed foods (for taste), are being implicated as the leading cause of obesity? Did you know fat in food is NOT the enemy? 

Lifestyle changes can start so small but have awesome results! 

We’re here to help! 

  • Education – strategies and eating patterns to fit and elevate your life! 
  • Implementation – Helping set SMART goals YOU can manage! 
  • Accountability – Follow up and follow through on YOUR lifestyle changes! 

Fitness Coaching

Group Training​

Fun and effective total body workout to target your core strength and stability through the Go Strong Core Program®

Designed by Dr. Tim Speicher
Instructed by Coach Greg Lundell

Individual Training​

Elevated Gym – face to face instruction, guidance, and exercise execution
Virtual – online guidance and instruction for your fitness week
Hybrid – combination of in person and online motivation for your fitness goals

Offsite – we come to your home gym or local fitness facility

I have been working with Greg doing personal training for about three weeks and have made so much progress both physically and mentally. He has completely changed the way I think about exercise and nutrition. I’m so happy I made the leap and started this program!

Brittany O.

Performance Client

Great therapy for sciatica, shoulder instability, and posture correction with highly qualified therapists and personal trainers. They’ve improved my quality of life, both leisure and work tenfold. 

Eleanor J.

Performance Client

I worked with Greg, the personal trainer, for months and it was awesome. Greg cares about his clients and took the time to help guide and build my self confidence after an injury. If you have a personal goal you want to achieve, Greg is the guy that can help get you there. All of the staff at EPR are amazing! Thanks again!

Amy C

Performance Client

Within a short month’s time, I saw a 3.2% drop in my total body fat percentage, I am am down 4lbs, and dropped 6.4lbs of FAT and gained 2.5lbs of MUSCLE! What exciting news! Greg has provided me with the tools and encouragement I need to succeed. He is great at listening and discussing my goals and needs and determining a sustainable program to help me get there. I am pleased with my progress and am looking forward to continuing to work on my health and fitness goals with Coach Lundell and Elevated Performance & Rehabilitation! Five stars!!

Krystal D

Performance Client

I started working with Greg to help in my journey of weight loss. I love the encouragement and push he gives toward my goals. I actually look forward to my post work out feeling and I always thought people were crazy who did.

Stephanie H

Performance Client

Greg is one of those trainers that will help you physically and mentally. He has helped me have more confidence about myself. Greg is the best at being motivational.
He is one awesome trainer that is committed all the way to the end.

Mia S

Performance Client

Greg is such an amazing personal trainer! I never thought I would find someone to help motivate me in the ways that fit my physical abilities to help reach my goals! I highly recommend him! And the sauna / cryo is just the cherry on top!

Danielle M

Performance Client

My experience has been like none other. Greg, has shaped me to be my better self physically. He genuinely cares about your well being and wants to see you improve physically and mentally.

He sure has made an impact on my life and many others.



Madison L

Performance Client

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14 Weeks to a More Functional You

The Go Strong Core Program® is a 14-week core-strengthening program that encompasses three phases, stability, loading, and dynamics, including a pre and post-assessment. 

The program is designed to address the functional demands of nearly any athletic performance need including running, skiing, and hiking based on the gait cycle to improve balance, flexibility, and core strength

Additionally, each phase of the program is based on the concept of progressive periodization in order to prevent injury and maximize movement efficiency and power.

Course Equipment Requirements (Available and Discounted at our facility):

  • Physio Ball (Exercise Ball)
  • Foam Roller
  • Green Tube Theraban (8ft.)
  • Resistance Running/Walking Bungee Band
  • Agility Ladder

Go Strong Core Program® Testimonials

After the Go Strong Core Program, I noticed that my legs were really stable, my core, I learned to engage everything and make it all one.

I felt stronger than I ever had in my skiing.

Avery A.

Powder Mountain Ski Patrol

The program provided me with a great challenge, and an increase sense of stability in specifically ski touring and climbing uphill.

I felt more connected to my glutes and core.

Devon H.

Powder Mountain Ski Patrol

It’s good for anybody. You could be at whatever level of fitness and it will work for you.

Really good stability, overall good progression. I’m definitely feeling stronger in my CORE!

Jenna D.

Powder Mountain Ski Patrol

Going through the Go Strong program gave me the confidence to hike and even run for the first time knowing that my strength would carry me where I want to go! 

Mia S.

Go Strong Athlete

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