Meditation for Healing & Performance

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Meditation is not just for gurus and for those who do yoga any longer–its benefits are now recognized to be beneficial for everyone, of all ages, and for both healing and performance enhancement.

Quick Facts:

  • Meditation has been shown in research studies to reduce anxiety, depression, tension, and pain
  • Meditation improves athletic performance- read more…
  • Meditation is NOT clearing your mind–it requires specific focus strategies–it requires you to focus your mind
  • Meditation efficiency and effectiveness require Practice–hence the term, Meditation Practice
  • Meditation DOES NOT require you to sit in Lotus Position, close your eyes and act like a Buddha

Three Tips for Immediate Implementation:

  1. Start small–1-3 minutes daily
  2. Do every day–consistency is key!
  3. Your meditation session will be interrupted by all kinds of weird and random thoughts–it’s normal, just think about them as passing clouds–see them and then let them go. More will come, but as you gain proficiency, the skies will clear more and more!