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Recovery Strategies that Work

Speicher, TE (2018), Recovery Strategies that Work. Available at   Recovery, set, go! Outlined in this article are practical, evidence-based recovery strategies  (things that actually work!) to optimize your training and performance. How often do you run through the finish line, pick up your donut or whatever is being offered, walk around a few minutes …

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Is Stretching Worth It?

Well, it depends on the type you are doing. It has been known for some time now that static stretching (Holding a Stretch) is ineffective for just about anything related to either injury reduction, increasing range of motion, or enhancing performance. Visit HERE for a great review of the literature on this subject. Also, what many …

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Meditation for Healing & Performance

Meditation is not just for gurus and for those who do yoga any longer–its benefits are now recognized to be beneficial for everyone, of all ages, and for both healing and performance enhancement. Quick Facts: Meditation has been shown in research studies to reduce anxiety, depression, tension, and pain Meditation improves athletic performance- read more… Meditation is NOT …

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