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From our start in 2008 as the Positional Release Therapy Institute (PRT-i), we have grown from delivering PRT instruction and certification to clinicians to delivering the advanced therapies we teach and research to the general public at our clinic. Due to our growth, Elevated Performance and Rehabilitation evolved from PRTi to become a premier provider of one-on-one individualized sports performance enhancement and rehabilitation in the South Odgen, UT region. 

Positional Release Therapy (PRT) is one of the core osteopathic therapies all patients receive at Elevated Performance and Rehabilitation. PRT unlocks tissues and joints decreasing pain and facilitates them to heal and strengthen, often up to 70-100% on the first treatment. Essentially, PRT is the opposite of stretching. Much like unkinking a knot from a chain necklace, PRT works in the same fashion; tissues are pushed together, twisted, compressed and manipulated to take tension off “neurological knots.” The therapy is relatively pain-free and is suited for all ages and most painful conditions.

The primary goal of PRT is to facilitate a healing environment where the body can self-correct or heal itself through correcting musculoskeletal and neurological imbalances. By doing so, pain is reduced, strength and flexibility improved and tissue regeneration and repair occur. However, one therapy or one tool does not always address all conditions or projects, therefore, multiple therapies are often integrated into a patients treatment plan to optimize the patients healing and performance not only by one clinician but often by our entire team of therapists, personal trainers and physicians. Dr. Speicher has advanced his PRT therapy and performance techniques through his clinical practice and research, which is conducted both at Elevated and around the Globe. Current advances in both PRT and therapies that compliment this ground breaking therapy approach are integrated into a full body therapy personalized comprehensive treatment plan to address your condition or performance goals. 

Osteopathic therapies primarily involve the use of the hands to manipulate tissues. According to Dr. Speicher’s Mechanical Coupling Theory (2006), though the application of PRT, therapists and patients use their hands to unkink the tissues muscle fibers by decreasing the neural activation of them by both mechanically shortening them and also by changing the neurochemical bonding formed due to pain and inflammation. Further, the interruption of the neural signal created by pain and inflammation either acute or chronic, decreases neural activation at the spinal cord, brain stem and at the local tissue level, which both decrease pain and increase function of the tissues. Decreasing the sympathetic drive or gain of the neurologic system over time helps to sustain a normal tissue length, thereby, eliminating or decreasing pain permanently.


PRT is often only one part of the treatment process that must be implemented. Once a tissue is released and pain is eliminated, it must often be restored or rehabilitated and then the new tissue length sustained. When tissues are painful, contracted or inflamed, they weaken and loose size, atrophy. The tissue spasm not only causes pain, but inside the twisted tissue are blood vessels and nerves that also become compressed, decreasing blood flow and neural activation, which decreases tissue health.

With the complexity of this process in mind, a personal one-on-one comprehensive therapy plan is designed to meet your individual therapy and performance based goals.

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Who Are We

At Elevated Performance & Rehabilitiation, we use a multi-faceted treatment approach to treat a variety of injury and pain conditions. We analyze a patient’s symptoms from an orthopedic, biomechanical, and physical lens to prescribe the best treatment regimen to help patient’s reach their individual goals. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide patients evidence-based therapy which improves their life, work, and sport performance. At Elevated Performance & Rehabilitation, our goal is to improve every patient’s outcome. 

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Our team is well-rounded with both practicing clinicians and seasoned performance & wellness professionals. 

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Dr. Timothy Speicher

President and Positional Release Therapist

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Dr. Kyle Kurzet

Medical Director

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Dr. Brooke Timothy

Physical Therapist, Pelvic Floor Therapist, Positional Release Therapist

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Colleen Neider

Massage Therapist Positional Release Therapist

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Matt Wilkes

Massage Therapist

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Greg Lundell

CPT, HC, CNC, Office Manager
Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Nutrition Coach, Specialist in Exercise Therapy

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Chantel Gerfen

Coming Soon! New Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Office Assistant!

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Nate McDonald

Administrative Assistant

Tim and Josh are professional, capable and compassionate. They are by far the best at what they do and they enjoy helping others feel better. We looked everywhere to get relief to our pain, and finally we can say we found true results with their therapy sessions. Thank you for your help!

Eduardo M.

This is my 3-4 therapy session with Colleen and the work has been very impressive and working! I have a lot of nerve and head trauma from the military and my childhood. I had dealt with a lot of physical nerve and muscle tissue damage. Also with ptsd, PRT  is a life saver in reducing any tensions from pain and anxiety. I can go on how much I had improved since I had started seeing Colleen at Elevated Rehab, had been outstanding for what she does in her job as a therapist and is exceptionally professional. Overall a great and welcoming place as well as helpful in so many ways. I want to say thank you to the VA, Colleen, and the staff who have given me a second chance in staying pain free, and be able to feel young again! The best therapy I had received so far.
woman, girl, freedom-591576.jpg

Katerina G.

I am in my late 30’s and was told by 3 different orthopedic surgeons that I needed a full hip replacement to get rid of my hip pain. Another doctor actually recommended me to Elevated Rehab and I am so grateful! All of my hip pain is gone after working with Josh. I am a believer!

Lacey B.

The work that Elevated Rehab does has improved my quality of life exponentially. I work ten hour shifts on concrete floors in a manufacturing environment, and after about an hour into my shift my foot and ankle pain was catastrophic. After several treatments and custom built orthotics from Dr. Tim I am able to execute my duties for the lion’s share of my work shift. My chronic pain is drastically reduced and manageable.

Nate C.

The therapists at Elevated Rehab are miracle workers. I have had lower back problems for 35+ years and none of the countless chiropractors and physical therapists I have used resolved the underlying problem. Three initial PRT treatments coupled with easy to do stretching exercises and quarterly visits have made me pain free and am now able to rotate freely when playing golf. Thanks PRT-i team!

Donald R.

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