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Performance & Rehabilitation

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An Elevated Approach to Treatment of Injury and Pain Conditions

Our practitioners use a multi-faceted treatment approach to care for a variety of injury and pain conditions. We are partnered with manual therapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength & conditioning specialists, and physicians to meet your individual goals. 

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Elevating Your Recovery

The therapy and therapists at Elevated Rehabilitation & Performance are remarkable. The therapy is painless and effective. I walked into my first appointment with constant pain in my hip that prevented me from sleeping and created a lot of discomfort when walking. I walked out of that first appointment with almost no pain and easy exercises and stretches to do daily before returning for my next appointment. I slept pain free that night for the first time in weeks. After just a few appointments, I snowshoed the Lewis Peak trail! I credit the skilled professionals at Elevated Rehabilitation & Performance. They are so professional, well-equipped with numerous techniques and therapies and genuinely invest in healing their patients with compassion. Thank you for giving me my quality of life back!

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Brenda K.

Would recommend to anyone. Had issues with my upper chest area for months. Josh was able to pin point the problem areas within a matter of 10 minutes and then treated them. I also received advice on how to continue treatment at home to prevent any recurrence of my issues. Incredible experience.

Ike T.

Working with Dr. Speicher was purely transformative to my physical well being. For so long, I have had issues with my hips and my pelvis. Dr. Speicher was able to identify the cause of these issues, and work with me to leave the office feeling pain free, and corrected. He also provided a detailed action plan for moving forward, and shed light on problems I never would have known existed had it not been for his work.

Cole S.

I am a dentist and I always had back and shoulder problems. Also when I was a child I fell down and hurt my hip, that made me had scoliosis and extreme back pain. I suffered for many years with back and shoulder pain. I went to PRTI the first time with Dr. Tim since 1 year ago and he was able to find all my problems and fix them. I feel like new and my back is good, no pain at all since then. I still have some shoulder problems because of my position at work, but Dr. Tim and Dr. Josh they both are treating me and every time I go I feel so happy because my pain releases and every time I feel much better. They both are amazing professionals and human beings who give an excellent service and most importantly, they do care about their patients. I will highly recommend PRTI to anyone who suffers of chronic pain, they are the best solution for your health.

Julieta S.

I tried the infrared sauna, and it was phenomenal! I’m interested in the other services as well. Looking forward to trying a few different things like cryotherapy and massage/PRT therapies. The space is beautiful, and the atmosphere is full of positive energy. Highly recommend!

Talia F.

Our person-centered, hands-on approach to performance & rehabilitation gets results


Every patient is unique and no two injuries are the same. That's why your experience is tailored to meet your individuals needs and goals.

Dedicated Staff

Our team of health and wellness professionals will guide you through the recovery process, educate you, and help you find your path to recovery.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Research is our specialty. We're always on the cutting edge of new advancements in therapies and treatment options.

News & Updates

Cutting-edge topics to improve your health and performance.

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